Unfortunately, small dents and dings will happen to your vehicle now and then. Paintless dent repair is commonly used for bodyline damage, door dings, hail damage, large dents, small scratches and minor creases. Our paintless dent repair technicians can use this method to save you money and time on repairs that would normally have to be put through a body shop.


Whether it’s a small dent from an errant door or much bigger hail damage, paint may not always be the most cost effective solution for fixing small areas. Our paintless repair may offer a simpler and more cost effective solution. It saves on the hassle/cost of repainting or possible re-evaluation of paint densities when a vehicle is traded in or resold. Each procedure results in the retention of all of the original paint. Instead of a few days, repair time is reduced to a few hours.


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Staying true to our commitment of providing an unmatched customer experience, The Wyant Group also offers a full complement of readily available services to help keep your vehicle in top form for as long as you own it. We offer everything you need for the care and maintenance of your vehicle, including parts and service through our dealerships, our Three Star SGI Elite Accredited Body Shop Alloy Collision Centre for large repairs, Alloy Detail to keep your vehicle like new, and Spiffy Car Washes to keep your vehicle clean.